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New Jersey's Top-rated Bagel Wholesale Company

We Ship Nationwide

With over 30 years of experience and an excellent reputation for dependable delivery of consistently delicious, easy-to-bake New York-style bagels, it's no wonder bagel stores throughout the country rate Bagel Bazaar as the best wholesale supplier.

  • Save on Time and Labor
  • Save on Expensive Equipment
  • Save on Retail Space
  • Offer a Variety of Bagels
  • Rely on a Premium Authentic NY Bagel Supplier
  • Build a Better Business

We provide an economical solution that enables you to decrease expenses while increasing revenue by providing a choice of over 30 varieties of top-quality, freshly baked bagels to your customers. Save money on facilities, equipment, and payroll expenses by having us deliver raw, performed, freshly frozen bagels in boxes or on boards right to your door. Our sought-after bagels are consistently delicious, made with our time-tested recipe, and delivered straight from our dough mixer to your location within 48 hours. Your customers will love the perfect texture, size, and consistency of an authentic, freshly-baked bagel prepared by Bagel Bazaar. Expand your product line and experience the benefits of streamlined operations by sourcing easy-to-prepare, consistently satisfying New York-style bagels from the wholesale experts at Bagel Bazaar!

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We Are The #1 Local and Nationwide Bagel Delivery Service

Local Bagel Delivery

We deliver 6 days a week direct from our production facility right to your business. You can choose between having your bagels boxed (120 pcs per box) or boarded (24-35 per board). We'll make it easy for you to use our bagels!

Nationwide Bagel Delivery

We've partnered with the best shipping companies in the country to provide low cost, fast arrival of our bagels. We'll set up delivery direct from our production facility right to your business. Boxed bagel delivery can be arranged weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Keep payroll, equipment, and overhead costs low and avoid the constant headache of managing ingredient procurement and cost analysis by sourcing easy-to-prepare bagels that your customers will love! The experienced bagel wholesalers at Bagel Bazaar understand what you need to increase operational efficiency and grow your business:

  • Delicious, freshly-frozen Bagels New York-style bagels: Our time-tested bagel recipe has been delivering the perfect texture, size, and consistency for more than three decades.
  • Wholesale bakery supply: We offer an extended product line that includes seed toppings, cookie dough, muffin batter, and ready-to-bake crumb cakes, gluten-free bagels, croissants, and more.
  • Choice of Bagel packaging options:
  • Bagels on boards: raw, fully-formed frozen bagels arranged on boards and ready to rack and bake on-premises; no unpacking of boxes required
  • Bagels in boxes: raw, fully-formed frozen bagels placed in boxes; easy to stack and store in your freezer
  • Ease of preparation: Proof and boil or bake our bagels for consistently delicious results that will keep your customers coming back for more.
  • Variety: Bagel Bazaar offers a choice of over 30 different customer-pleasing New York-style bagel flavors
  • Stress-free delivery: Schedule our dependable delivery service bi-weekly or up to four times per week, depending on your volume, storage capacity, and equipment. We also offer same-day delivery to meet your business requirements.
  • Expert Consultation: The experienced and knowledgeable small business wholesale suppliers from Bagel Bazaar will schedule a visit with you to discuss your business requirements and provide you with samples of our bagel products. We'll assess your needs and make helpful suggestions to help you get the most benefit from our services.

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Achieve Bagel Success!

Find out more about how New Jersey's bagel wholesaler, bagel business consultant, and licensor can help you establish and grow your business.

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