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About Bagel Bazaar

Founded in 1989, Bagel Bazaar has been a staple in Central New Jersey for over 30 years. Millions of bagels later, we have begun to reinvigorate the bagel business with a new vision, under new leadership to create the “Ultimate Bagel Experience”. Today this slogan has become the backbone of our company. Delivering the Ultimate Bagel Experience is what we live for at Bagel Bazaar. To be the best, you have to give the best. We hope our passion, effort and pride shines through at every location. Whether you Doordash or dine in, our goal is for everyone to feel the Ultimate Bagel Experience.

What is the Perfect Bagel? At Bagel Bazaar we believe Perfect Bagel must be golden brown, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and perfectly balanced with a slightly sweet and savory note. Our time tested recipe has been enjoyed for over 30 years and counting!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Building an Inclusive Food Business

At Bagel Bazaar, we are proud to be minority owned, reflecting the diverse fabric of our community. Our company is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of our operations. nearly 50% of our company is composed of talented women who play integral roles in decision making day to day. We firmly believe in providing opportunities for young people to learn and grow personally, foster an atmosphere where they can be mentored and supported. Joining our team is not about finding a job; it’s about becoming part of our family, everyone is valued and respected.

Green Policies: Nurturing a Sustainable Future

At Bagel Bazaar, we recognize the urgent need to protect our environment. We feel it is every businesses responsibility to make necessary changes that will better our future. In 2020 we took a significant step by discontinuing the use of all foam products, and since then we have made annual commitments to reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources. Transitioning to eco-friendly alternatives has now become a priority. Minimizing our environmental footprint is the goal at Bagel Bazaar! 

Serving Our Communities: Making a Positive Impact

Community engagement is at the core of our values at Bagel Bazaar. We actively contribute to the betterment of our communities in various ways. We offer discounts to first responders, youth, organizations, local schools, churches, and many other various community entities, ensuring that our products and services are accessible and affordable to all. As we expand and reach into new communities, we are actively seeking opportunities to create jobs, empowering individuals and promoting economic growth. We are committed to being an active and positive force in every community we serve.

Mental Health Awareness: One Bagel at a Time

Mental health awareness is very meaningful to all of us here at Bagel Bazaar. Professionally and personally we have all experienced the importance of mental health education. As leaders of the community we design our personnel training to become educated on mental health awareness. We feel that education, compassion and awareness is the key to successfully building stronger relationships. 

Today we have partnered with a foundation that is very meaningful for us personally. Nico’s Hope For Life. One bagel at a time we strive to bring knowledge and hope to all those in need in Nico’s name. Let’s make a difference together is our philosophy at Bagel Bazaar!